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Inspirationalist JE Goodwill
When I was a little girl my family relocated from Chicago to Western Washington State. We went from lovely tree-lined suburban streets along the L-train line to a rustic little home at the water's edge of Puget Sound. To say that I was in for a bit of culture shock was putting it mildly. As a city girl, already, I landed squarely in a blue-collar Navy town. While I loved misty mornings on the water and waking up to seabird sounds, I missed the Miracle Mile.

Sometime around the age of 10, my family took a 30-minute drive to Gig Harbor for brunch at the old Scandia Gard restaurant. I promptly renamed the town, Cottage Bay. Even as a child, I wrote poems and short stories. My 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Peterson, offered extra credit for submitting stories. I thought: How easy is that, to get extra credit for doing something I love?

Somewhere along the way, I left those stories behind for college and my career as a marketing communications professional. Head down and focused solely on business pursuits, it took years before I finally mustered the courage to bring my stories to life. Over time, I learned that a heart will not be denied. We all have a soul mission and mine includes inspiring and encouraging others through stories-- both fiction and non-fiction. By listening to my heart, I began to hear its calling both while awake and asleep. Always an avid reader, I finally pulled my nose out of a book and began writing again. 

Even before I acquired my last name, it was always a prayer to make a positive difference in the lives of people and the world around me. As a human, I'm subject to the frailties and peccadillos common of us all and it took me a LONG ASS TIME to settle into myself.

Finally, here I am-- present and accounted for. It's my fervent hope that this lifetime of experiences, wise and otherwise, helps to inspire and encourage you. All of the stories I've been blessed to gather, and those which are yet to come, certainly do that for me. 
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