The Power of 'Choice' . . .

It’s that easy. It’s my choice. I choose to LOVE myself and feel GOOD.

One morning, my guides came to visit as I slept.

They reminded me to trust.

I had been carrying a burden not meant for me. Caring for everyone else. Careworn and worried about the past, present, and future.

My own spirit was cracked, dry, and spread thin. I certainly had a lack of faith and was full of fear, back then.

Whatever it is you’re facing, whether any one of the big three, as I call them – the loss of a job, loss of health, or loss of a loved one – it’s just loss. You question and can lose faith and you can gain a lot of fear.  After I lost my job for the third time in three years, I tossed and turned and my sleep was restless. I would wake up in the middle of the night and overthink everything.

Until that night when I dreamed vivid dreams.

I dreamt of my brothers even though I don’t have any brothers. It’s funny how the mind works to sort through the things it doesn’t understand yet.

My brothers had all come to help me. My laptop — the heart, soul, and repository of my intellectual capital — had been dismantled. As I looked over the undone pieces, I reasoned it was the work of some child who went at it like some kind of puzzle or game.  He or she didn’t realize the enormity of this sabotage. At least that was what I hoped.

I stood there trying to fit it back together. I succeeded in managing to find a couple recognizable pieces, including the battery and its casing and figured out where that was supposed to go. I held it over my desk, fragile as a quail’s egg.

Now, what? 

My brothers, three of them, all appeared and they surrounded me. One of them asked if he could take a look. The other two distracted me for a moment with some senseless conversation I could barely follow. Yet, they made me laugh a little. They soothed me, a bit.

My third brother returned to our circle and presented my laptop, made whole again. He smiled at me as I looked it over, joyful, and then set it back on my desk. Turning back toward him, I stepped into his embrace.  I thanked him and assured him that one day he would make a fine husband for a lucky woman. She would be blessed by his compassionate diligence.

He continued holding me, warmly, past that moment typical for people to step away. His hug was warm and gentle. He kept holding on until I relaxed and accepted his kind affection.


Then it happened. In that moment I knew he was not my brother but one of my guardian angels.  He and my other two guides came to remind me. Their message was so that I really knew, by feel, the gratitude that comes with choosing to trust that it all works out. To feel it and remember it, way down into the deepest parts of my heart and soul.

I am safe.  All is well.  I am full of comfort and joy.  I can trust that everything will work out because I will make it so. I will choose the things that are right and good for me. I choose.  I believe. It always works out.  Always.

With that in mind, it was also my reminder to reach for things that I respond to with an absolute “YES!” I am the one to gut-check myself, asking “what can I choose, to feel good? To find my joy and light? To recover my balance and purpose?”

Broken laptops. Broken marriages and relationships. Jobs lost. Illness. Injury. They are the stuff of life that we can never really anticipate. It’s our mindset that matters, most. In all things.

It’s my choice.

I am here to LOVE; myself first. And whomever tells me that they come, first, needs to be last.  I am the one who sets the pace. I SHOW others how to treat me. Each and every day. I do that.  It’s essential that I fill my heart – some call it my bucket – and love myself, first and foremost.  I have ample reserves, reflected in grace, generosity, patience, when I feel good, within me.

Instant Affirmations

That dream and visit with my heavenly guides served as both a reminder and a precious gift.  I will carry their reassurance inside myself as gentle encouragement saved especially for those moments of doubt that inevitably come, for I am human.

It’s just that easy. It’s my choice. To create miracle spaces, go play, have some fun, and feel good. Know that help will come when I choose the path that feels right and happy, not the darkened, ominous one.

Help will come when I need it. Especially when I’m moving toward what is good and right and feels light and joyful for me.  Every. Stinkin. Time.

Commit to falling in love with everything, from the moment I wake up and all throughout the day. That is because how I FEEL is more important that what I specifically DO at any given moment.  My thoughts become things…I make magical things out of thin air. We ALL do.


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