Three organizations from three different industries consider where to start in updating a website.

By Jacquie Goodwill, Principal/CEO, Peninsula Strategic Communication

Since Tim Berners-Lee created the first website, a lot has changed online. We now buy things, sell things, raise money, gather votes, educate and entertain, and so much more…could you imagine a day without the World Wide Web at your fingers? We shudder at the thought.

So, its a natural consideration every few years or so, as web publishing and cloud technology innovate the Internet.

Should you simply revise and update your website or re-make it completely?

To answer that question, here are some issues faced by three different companies from three different industries.

1. Do you have a unique product or service? Or, have you changed or added considerable scope in products and services?
2. Have you changed your brand, your graphics and color scheme?
3. What does your website “say” to your stakeholders and/or customers?
Summing it all up:

While each organization chose a different design/revision plan for their website, there was a specific commonality across all three organizations. Though representing dissimilar industries, they all shared an abiding commitment to ensure their websites appealed to their patients, their clients, or their membership.

Whether you completely scrub your website and create a new one or just make specific renovations, first consider how your changes will engage your customers and fuel growth.

Jacquie Goodwill is a transformational leader offering B2B and B2C MarCom services for start-ups and those who need to refresh brand identity.  She specializes in providing hands-on support during times of major transition in an organization.  Peninsula Strategic Communications:  Strategic thinking for valuable, great solutions.

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