Samuel's Excursions...

...were what the words said in the sign reading "Pilut 4 hyr."
"I'll show you adventure, I'll show you the world.
You see, I'm a top-rated flyer.

First, we'll see jungles, the Congo and more,
We'll have tea with Gorillas I know.

Then, next the savannah, a safari and tour.
On the necks of giraffe we'll ride and we'll laugh.
They will take us wherever we'll go.

We must fly to Hawaii, that's a long trip by sky,
but worth it to see what we'll see.
Samuel's excursions will show you volcanoes
then we'll swim with the fish in the sea.

My favorites are dolphins, with long bottle noses,
that frolic and play all day long.
But at night we'll all pause to smell the gardenia,
and listen to night birds in song.

Or, is that my mommy who's calling to me?
Her soft lullaby, yes, I know.
It's time now to nestle, to rock-a-bye baby
though I'm a big boy as boys go.

Samuel's excursions and adventures await.
Even though they have paused now it seems.
They will start soon again.
Trust me, my friend.
In the places made just for our dreams.

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