Butterfly Metamorphosis: Part 3...COMPASSION for helping others

Tangible Marketing How-to: Butterfly metamorphosis

How three different professionals branded their business by transforming and re-positioning their work.

In this final installment of a three-part series, learn how three different professionals representing three different industries achieved this butterfly metamorphosis, by applying three key principles: Confidence, Courage, and Compassion.  From their stories, you can gain some tangible takeaways on how-to articulate the vital difference in your philosophy on a regular basis.

Part III – A COMPASSION for helping others live their best lives

Jackie Nagel, Synnovatia:

“I believe there is an Einstein within each of us,” says Jackie Nagel, a 20-year expert in the innovative synergy of coaching, mentoring, and training her clients for maximum effectiveness.  “There is a key poised in the lock mechanism of their personal treasure chest of success. I am there to help jiggle that lock so they can realize their greatest potential.”

Jackie’s special brand of compassion comes from her own career experiences.  In another life, Jackie was an area sales director in a nationwide direct marketing company.  She was what some call a “blue-flamer” who rose quickly in the organization.

There came a time she sought more guidance in order to further enhance her skills and her success—support that she could not find with her corporate leadership.

“I needed a strategic leader, not a motivational leader,” she explains.  “I needed some specific approaches and tactics because I already had all the motivation I needed for success.”  The resulting lack of support was disheartening, both personally and professionally.  She kept working harder, but as Covey so aptly observed, she reached the top of the proverbial ladder and found it was leaning against the wrong wall.

“That’s when I was diagnosed with cancer and that changed everything for me.”

As she regained her health, Jackie took it as a sign and began exploring her interests.  Using her experiences, values, and ethics as a dive platform, she went deep within to discover coaching.  She quickly evolved her business model to focus on support for small business owners.

“My dad started a small business later in life, and like him, I’d seen how other small business owners needed an adapted model of coaching,” she remembers. “Some leaders need coaching, mentorship, and training to develop a context or framework of resources to draw from.”

Jackie’s approach is in having compassion for her clients and their unique situations. “My job is to tune into each person, to understand and address their needs in the moment.”

Jackie draws from her own personal history in her work with clients.  “From where I came, I’ve grown to fundamentally believe that people are smart.  While they may not always know how to get somewhere, they know where they want to go.”

In summary...Here are your tangible takeaways:

  1. Confidence: Invest in and believe in yourself.  Become a student of lifelong learning.  And, take stock in all that you know because you really know a LOT.
  2. Courage: Fill your head—and heart—with inspiration. Read, watch, listen to, and do things you love, that inspire you.  Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be your best self.  Day.  And put your blinders on to what everyone else is doing.
  3. Compassion: For your customer as yourself.  Remember why you embarked on this enterprise and express that in all you do for your clients.  Believe and invest in helping them as much as you do for yourself.

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