Butterfly Metamorphosis: Part 1...The CONFIDENCE to transform your brand

A three-part series on how-to re-position and transform your brand

A series on tangible marketing takeaways you can put-to-work right now.

By Jacquie Goodwill, CEO, Peninsula Strategic Communications

In elementary school we all learned about the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies; it’s a remarkable freak of nature. Likewise, revolutionary ideas are the hallmark of transformation. And with a commitment to expressing brand through your mission, vision, and values, it’s a formula for lasting success.

In this three-part series, gain some real time “how-to’s” from three different professionals who represent widely different industries. Each transformed their work, achieving this butterfly metamorphosis, by applying three key principles: Confidence, Courage, and Compassion.

Part I -- Be CONFIDENT and believe in your work

Nancy Giacolone, Olympic Crest Insurance:

“I always felt very strongly that employees need to understand their benefits by hearing them in layman’s terms,” she begins.  “My job is to ensure they feel comfortable and empowered about their medical issues, their overall health, and their healthcare decisions.”

Nancy’s agency, Olympic Crest Insurance (OCI), specializes in providing employee benefits to companies ranging from five to 500 employees. “Employers of all sizes are challenged with helping their employees really understand and make the most of their benefits,” she says.

Nancy and her OCI team host on-site seminars to ensure thorough benefits education.  They work hand-in-hand with clients and their employees to help them improve and maintain their good health.

At the outset, she had a LOT of naysayers. “I was told over and over again, you cannot succeed with the model you’re creating.  I knew I was good but wondered whether I was good enough.”

So she brought in a senior-level executive with the plan to grow business and opportunity for the agency.  And, well, that experience was an eye-opener.  “I learned that I had more skills, more knowledge, and I was more capable than this so-called expert; all I needed was confidence—and to believe in myself.”

Since then she’s never looked back.  Her son, Nick, joined the firm and with a few other well-chosen additions to her organization, today Nancy’s business thrives.

“What I’ve gained is that as long as I continue to invest in myself and my team, and to be a lifelong learner, through attending conferences, reading, and doing other things that inspire me, my work will be successful.”

Nancy’s platform expands beyond the employee briefing room as she and her team share their philosophy through video, comics, news and blogs, and in social media.  “I just had to gain the confidence to start talking about what I believe in and who I am.  I’m not going to help anyone if I just keep quiet.”

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